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Jazz Giriot

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Born in the Republic of Cameroon, located in west Central Africa, Aime’ Roger Ribouem, also known as “Ribs”, launched his musical career in the 1980’s playing in nightclubs in the city of Douala. This multitalented singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist, started out as a sound engineer, but through the influences from artists like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Smith, Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker, he began to teach himself to play and discovered that he has a lot of his own unique musical gifts to offer. In addition to his soaring and emotion filled compositions, Ribouem plays the piano, guitar, and sax and flute on his recordings, showcasing songs about life, joy, pain, suffering and love. His music is meant to speak to the heart and soul of everyday people.

Ribouem’s third CD, Jazz Griot is a high-energy jazz project that blends a powerful melodic lead sax with jangling guitars and an intense and exciting African percussion groove. World music and jazz fans will love discovering the diversity in its African inspiration. Its tracks echo the music of the continent in its wide range of rhythms and sounds, and influences coming from Sahel, West, Central and even South Africa. The tracks mix it up with soulful, seductive, jazz-funky tunes, with festive, percussive, brass-fired, rhythmic and hypnotic cuts. It’s rich, textured, and driven. Superb!

“Building on the exotic, high energy synthesis of jazz and African traditional influences that drove his debut album Bridge, Cameroon born and raised saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist Ribouem infuses his explosive new collection Jazz Griot with an expansive range of polyrhythmic foundations and buoyant sounds from places like Sahel, West, Central and even South Africa. Several tracks capture the exciting spirit of the project perfectly—the hypnotic, densely percussive opener “N’kukuma” (which features a tradeoff between synth vibes, rolling electric guitar and soaring sax before Ribouem swirls them all together); the soulful, seductive jazz-funk tune “Sanaga”; the easy rolling “surf guitar” and spacey synth driven “Biamo”; the adventurous, traditional jazz leaning “Musichien”; and the whimsical, easy jangling “Mother,” a showcase for Ribouem’s ample flute skills”. – Jonathan Widran

“On his third and latest CD, Jazz Griot, Ribouem leans to jazz roots while retaining a percussive world flavor and it sounds like this will be a CD to make some noise on the US world and jazz charts. The proof comes with “Biamo,” which has guitar and organ solos, along with Ribouem visceral sax lines, and “Sanaga,” is a joyful ride with an extended electric guitar solo that would do George Benson or Jonathan Butler proud.” – Brian Soergel, JazzTimes

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